Sunday, May 24, 2009

Camping....sort of

I don't like to camp. I am a girl who likes her nice soft bed, nice smells, no sand, dirt, mud. I like showers. I don't like to "squat". So imagine my husbands surprise when our friends asked us to go camping and I agreed. We made our plans and we joined them on Saturday afternoon out at the Brazos river near Calvert. Things were going great. The boys had gone to set their "lines" and some boys and all the girls stayed behind to start cooking dinner. Cole started making a campfire so we could roast weenies and marshmallows.
The boys returned and we finished with supper. We roasted marshmallows and made some very yummy smores. It was starting to get dark and all of the adults were sitting around the campfire talking. The kids had locked themselves out of the camper so Derek had walked over to the camper to open it up. Abbie says that he was taking too long so she started to walk back over to me. And that is when it happened. She let out a piercing scream and RAN over to where we were sitting. She crawled up in my chair and there they were, 2 small puncture marks. That's right folks, you guessed it, a SNAKE BITE!!!!! Abbie was starting to panic a little so I was trying to calm her down. In the mean time, Shelby was starting to panic because of what happened to Abbie. AHHHHHH! We decided to just leave all of our camping stuff there and got in the truck and began the 1 hour and 10 minute drive to Temple. We got to the ER around 10:45 pm and luckily we knew 2 of the nurses working so they got us back to a room really quickly. We saw a doctor really quickly and were quite the star of the show for a while. We had 3 doctors in our room taking pictures with their iphones and such.
We got moved up to the Pediatric icu at about 3:30 am and they gave her the first dose of anti-venom at 4:30 am. She finally slept at 4:00 am and didn't wake up til 8 am. She is feeling pretty good right now, and will probably get out of the hospital tomorrow some time. She has had alot of visitors today and mom is exhausted. Dad went home to sleep because he has to work tomorrow. Unfortunately for us, we do not have health insurance right now and this anti-venom medication is going to run about $20,000. Luckily this is a charity hospital and they will work with us on paying for it. Thanks to all of you who knew about this and said prayers for Abbie.

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  1. Poor Abbie! Look at how swollen her foot is!