Thursday, February 26, 2009

San Angelo Fair

Yesterday we traveled to San Angelo for the Stock Show, Fair and Rodeo. Abbie's pig had to be in place by Wednesday afternoon, even though she doesn't actually show the pig until Friday. Danny and Jane made the trip out here also to watch Abbie show and some of our friends are here also with their kids, so it has been a fun trip so far. Last night we ate at Zetner's Daughter. It was ok. Steve loved it. Tonight we are going to eat at Western Sky, home of the 52 oz steak! I don't think I will be getting that! One of Abbie's good friends is here, so she has been having a good time. Shelby on the other hand, has been a little clingy. It has been so hot (95 degrees today)! When you have a hot child on you it only gets hotter!! She has been better this afternoon, and her and Abbie are getting along pretty good. Abbie shows her pig, Jack-Jack, tomorrow. We think she has a good shot, but then again you never know. I will post soon how she did, along with some pictures. Keep your fingers crossed!!!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Fair Time

Well, the fair is over. Thank goodness! I don't think I have ever been so tired. We had a good week. It began on Sunday, Feb. 8th. We moved the pigs (Sally and LouLou) into the barn at the Bell Cty. Expo. After we got there some of our friends who had been vacationing in the Hill Country over the weekend stopped by to see us really quickly before heading back to Frisco. Jeff, Amy, Jordan it was really good to see you and we can't wait to spend some time with you guys in March. We came home on Sunday afternoon around 6 pm and Abbie began baking for her food contest. She made a Southern Praline Pecan Pound Cake and a German Chocolate Pecan Pie. I am very proud of her. She got a 6th place ribbon for her cake and a 9th place for her pie. On Monday we had to weigh the pigs to make sure they weighed enough and to make sure they didn't weigh too much. This was the official weigh in for the fair. The pigs did fine and were very happy after the weigh in because then they could eat and drink as much as they wanted. On Tuesday the pigs got a bath for their big appearance on Wednesday. Here are some pictures I took while Abbie, Steve and Megan (one of Abbie's friends) washed the 2 pigs.

Wednesday finally got here, the day of the show. Abbie was very nervous. She did a very good job. The first pig that she showed did not receive anything. It was sifted out. The second pig did a little better. It received 10th in its class. For her first year I think she did very good. She entered 4 items in the show (2 baked items, 2 pigs) and received 3 ribbons. She had to control her pigs while they were in the ring with 20 other pigs. She did wonderfully. Steve and I are very proud of her.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Animals, Animals, Everywhere Animals

Right now at our house, both inside and out, we have 3 dogs, 6 new puppies, 7 cats (anyone want one?), 3 pigs, 15 big goats, 9 little baby goats, Chip (who is an orphaned calf that we have taken in), 1 fish (that refuses to die so I can get rid of the sticky aquarium), and a partridge in a pear tree. Now some of these animals will eventually go away, because we have the Bell County Fair in a few days and we will take 2 of the pigs to the fair. We may or may not bring them back home, depending on how they do in their show. Here are some pics of the pigs:

We also have new puppies. They are 4 weeks old today. They were born on January 8th (Elvis' Birthday) and are Miniature Schnauzer's. They are just starting to get around and poop on my floors. I have a couple of pics of them also, but there is only one or two in the pic.

The following photo is of our little orphaned calf, Chip. He was making a really funny face when I snapped the pic, so I just has to put it on here. There are also some of the goats that were standing around also.

Lots of animals to feed and take care of, but I like it. I really like living on a farm that has animals on it again. It is fun and I think it teaches the girls really important things, some are hard things, like when an animal dies, but most are good things, like learning you can do things that you thought you couldn't do. When they discover something new it is so great to see their faces.

Well, next week is the county fair so hopefully she will do well with her entries. Everyone cross their fingers and if you are in Belton next week, stop by the Expo center and check out all the animals and exhibits the kids do. It is really awesome!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Happy Cows!

Just a random thought. I really love those Happy California Cow commercials. The newest one is is a cow from Korea, and it has subtitles! How fun is that!

I'm joining the blogging world!

Well, I can't say I was forced into it, but since everyone else I know seems to be doing it (didn't my mother always say "If everyone else jumped off the bridge would you do it too?" Hmmm, just a thought) I guess I will too. It can't hurt, right? Since I am still new to this I am going to need all the help I can get, so any suggestions are very welcome. I will be adding my pics soon too. Blogging world here I come!