Wednesday, October 14, 2009

We've been bitten....

By the H1N1 flu virus. Abigail is the first of us to come down with it. I am pretty sure Shelby will get it. I don't think that Steve or I will get it, but I am knocking wood every time I say that. One of her friends that she goes to school with and plays ball with has tested positive. Abbie has all of the same symptoms. The highest her fever has been is 103.0 this morning, and with Tylenol and Motrin on board, it goes down to 99.8 - 100.2. The only other symptom she has is a cough. She is achy sometimes, but really only complains about the cough making her throat sore. This is day #3 of fever, so maybe only a day or two left. She is a little disappointed though, she was named Star Student of the Week this week at school and she is missing out on all of her "duties". I just pray that this is the worst of it and she doesn't develop any other problems. Pray for her speedy recovery!!
I am hopefully going to post more often now that ball is winding down and the summer activities are over. The pigs are doing great. If you are in our area stop by and see them. But you might want to wait til it dries out a little bit. Sixteen inches of rain in the last few weeks makes everything soggy. Glad the sun is out today!