Thursday, June 11, 2009

Summer is here.....

Summer is officially here at the Bruggman's house. We have been swimming, playing softball, and working in the garden. I have been watching the girls cousin's again this summer. They all love being together every day and they are old enough that I really don't have to hover over them all the time. I usually make them go outside in the mornings while it is still cool. We have lunch and then head outside to the pool to play for a little while before their mom comes to pick them up at 3:00pm.
Abbie's softball team is doing ok this year. We moved her up to play Midget Girls (where the kids pitch). Her team is actually good enough to make the playoffs this year. We were not expecting that. These are 3rd graders (about to be 4th graders) that are playing against 5th graders (about to be 6th graders) and they did great! I should have some pictures to post next time.
I have applied for a job with Rogers ISD. Until I know about school for sure, I need to have a job that gives the family health benefits. Working with the school lets me still be at school with the kids and I have the same hours that they do. That is a huge plus. We will see what happens after that.

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  1. What kind of job is it? Fingers crossed for you!